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Recent Client Requests

Advomi November 29, 2019

An inquiry has been received from a client of Advomi for the following matter:

I would like to seek legal advice on the proposed course of action I can take against someone whom I feel has revealed information about me to third parties which was shared in confidence with a person I knew between the period in 2015 to 2019.

This could have possible ramifications on me in my job as it bears some reputational risk.

The 2 PDF documents outlines the exchanges and the draft reply by a lawyer on behalf of my friend to me.

Although I have been assured in the email that my identity has not been compromised , I am not confident of it .

I feel that a very skewed perspective has been shared in the response to some of the questions raised .

I am not sure if I can request for deletion of mails or photographs . This is outlined in the attached document- possible response.

I do want to send a strong signal in the form of a possible email or even a lawyers letter if needed.

Posted in
Stanimir Nenov November 28, 2019

A message from Advomi client:
"I am about to make an investment (bond) with a financial firm in Singapore, and they will give me a corporate guarantee as the issuer of the bond.

2 questions:
1) I would like to make sure the corporate guarantee covers me adequately. I will provide the template given by the firm.
2) Time needed to review the document and associated cost."

Please respond within the day.

K November 26, 2019

Will need help to eventually incorporate company (or shld this be done via secretariat?) also privacy policy etc for website. Should be pretty standard and simple.

Posted in
Ashok November 12, 2019

I would like to legally document a loan agreement. This document is an agreement between me and the lender such that if he is unable to pay me back within the stipulated date and the stipulated amount, legal action can be taken against him.

Moreover, the amount that has been borrowed were for investment purposes with the gurantee by the lender that the loan amount would returned in full and/or plus profits.

A draft of a loan agreement was sign previously by both parties however i would like to get it professionally done and reviewed by a lawyer. I will send the draft as required.

Sy Af November 11, 2019

I want to patent my prototype - it is a invention / innovation for eyeglasses.
These are the things i am looking for:

Note: i work full time and get very little time off. Hence timing is a big issue.

1) The person / organization must offer the best rate / competitive price for their service.
2) They must respond diligently over text / phone / emails, as this is the main mode of my communication.
3) It's hard to have meeting during office hours since i work full time with very little time off. It would be great if meeting could be accommodated for weekends or after 5:30 pm.
4) The patent needs to be international. Expertise of international patent law is a must.

I want to get started right away and am looking for a patent agent / lawyer / consultant as soon as possible.
Please provide your best offer.

Fanny November 11, 2019

I\'m looking for a divorce lawyer. I would like to know how much I need to pay my husband if we split, what the process is like, and how much it will cost in total to get it all done.

ysolo5555 November 11, 2019

Hi, I just got an SBLC offer to finance my oil project in Indonesia. SBLC issuing bank is probably from HongKong. We understand that in there are alot of fraud in SBLC. I need an expert that can help me review this SBLC draft from the issuer to avoid any fraudulent acticity. Thanks

Chong Jit Leong November 7, 2019

We recently setup a new company and we are looking for a corporate lawyer to write the legal terms and conditions for us.

This company provides a business platform to facilitate the business owners to run their business with minimum effort but making good passive income.

We need to copyright the logo and possibly this business system.

Do you provide such services?
If yes, how do you charge?
Appreciate if you can provide us with more details.

Joe November 6, 2019

I got someone full name and passport no. only, with this 2 information, could you help me to trace his IC no, address or contact no. Thank you

Posted in
Mohamed Zahid November 6, 2019

i am setting up a recruitment firm with my partner and i would like to have all the necessary documentation set such as partnership agreement,etc.

Deadline(Optional): 5 days
Posted in


There is no membership, subscription, application or any other fee for being part of the Advomi lawyer network. You can only make money on Advomi by performing legal services for our clients and earning commissary fees according to what has been agreed upon for the respective services. Your commissary fee will range between 50 and 80% of the price of our service.

Members of the Advomi lawyer network don’t violate any rules of the lawyer’s profession in Singapore. Furthermore, we expect all of our lawyers to adhere to the principles and standards of professional practice, etiquette and conduct provided for in the lawyer regulation in Singapore.

We focus on business clients – entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs and emphasize on performing the services listed on Given that, we will engage lawyers for services predominantly in the area of corporate and commercial law, including preparation and review of documentation, assistance with fundraising, protection of intellectual property, statutory compliance, and other related services.

When working with clients of Advomi you perform services on behalf of Advomi and as an associate of Advomi. You are paid for your services by Advomi and not by our clients who remain clients of Advomi unless explicitly agreed upon by exception for certain services performed through the Advomi platform.

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