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You can earn S$1000+ a month as an income from Advomi clients.

For the last four years Advomi lawyers served 10,000+ clients on our platform in Europe. Now, Advomi is available in Singapore.

If you are a solo lawyer or part of a law firm – join Advomi and meet new corporate clients.

It will take you only a few minutes.

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How much will this cost me?

Creating an account is free. There’s no signup or subscription fee. You only pay when an interested client has seen what you offer and wants to talk.

Here’s how it works: Advomi matches you with clients who fit your criteria (legal matter, growth stage, location, etc.) and vice-versa. You only pay to quote the clients that seem a good fit for you. The price for the quote depends on the legal matter.

If you land a job, then the client pays you. Not us. There is no other fees on the current or any future jobs from the same client or referrals that this client brings to you.

How Advomi Works

Clients contact us with requests for legal services

We focus on startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs and their respective legal needs.

We offer the job to a lawyer on our network

We select a lawyer from our network according to their expertise and experience and offer them the job.

The lawyer pays us a small fee to take the job

The lawyer is free to accept or refuse the job. In order to accept the job, the lawyer must pay a small fee.

The lawyer is introduced to the client

If the lawyer accepts the job, they are introduced to the client on our platform.

Featured Advomi Lawyers

Kenneth Pereire
Managing Director at KGP LEGAL LLC

Kiran Dharsan Seiter
Managing Partner at Seiter IP Consultants LLP & Managing Director at Dharsan Seiter Law Corporation

Walter Silvester
Commercial lawyer skilled in litigation and arbitration.

Meet new clients, belong to a great community.
Get empowered by our technology tools.


Members of the Advomi lawyer network don’t violate any rules of the lawyer’s profession in Singapore. Furthermore, we expect all of our lawyers to adhere to the principles and standards of professional practice, etiquette and conduct provided for in the lawyer regulation in Singapore.

We focus on business clients – entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs and emphasize on performing the services listed on Given that, we will engage lawyers for services predominantly in the area of corporate and commercial law, including preparation and review of documentation, assistance with fundraising, protection of intellectual property, statutory compliance, and other related services.

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